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How do I register a domain name?

To register a domain name in Australia you must have some registered business name (a BRN, ACN or ABN). This helps protect the integrity of your name, and deters others from usurping it or poaching it.

Your domain name can be the name of your business or some service you provide.

Names in the .au domain in Australia have been more tightly controlled and more closely supervised than in many other countries since the earliest days. This has helped give greater security to, and protection of, your domain name.

That is why we recommend our clients register names in the Australian registry. An Australian Registrar of Record is also easier to approach for advice and assistance.

We have found Enetica to be the best (and best value) and most manageable registrar of record.

Accordingly, we are please to be associated with Enetica as an authorised reseller of their products.

Please see below for current pricing on domain name registration.

Contact us at domains@furrysoftware.com.au and we can do a search for you and help register your domain name.

Domain Registration Prices.

AU (Australian) Domains
.com.au & .net.au$80/2 years
.org.au, .id.au & .asn.au$39/2 years
gTLD (Global top level) Domains
.com .net .org .biz .info$24.95/per year

• The .au domain refers to Australia. We recommend Australian businesses, organisations etc. register in this domain.

• "com" usually signifies a business

• "net" originally designed for "network" businesses or organisations. Less common and sometimes used when 'com' not available.

• "id" - for individuals who want personal/family pages.

• "org" originally for clubs and other non-profit organisations. Other registrations now accepted.

• "biz", an alternative for "com" to avoid crowding in that domain space. Not widely used.

• "info", designed for sites providing (often non-commercial) information

• "asn", another domain for 'associations' - clubs, sporting and community groups

Our registration features FREE domain parking. We can also provide URL Forwarding, DNS hosting, email forwarding, anti-spam and anti-virus protection packages, and SSL certificates. Ask us for more information.

To register your domain name - ask us for advice. Let us to do a search for you, and Furry Software can reserve and register your domain name in quick time, no fuss.

Need somewhere to host your domain?

Once you have a domain you need to host it somewhere for the world to see.

We can provide a complete Domain Management package for your new website.

Contact us at domains@furrysoftware.com.au for more information.

Last updated 20/5/14