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At Furry Software we can offer a complete Domain Management package to suit your needs.

Building and 'parking' a domain on the internet is not enough to ensure your presence.

Websites need maintenance , and also periodic updates to ensure their ranking in internet search engines.

This is especially true of domains.

A badly designed and maintained domain website is not a good advertisement for your business.

Our Domain Management packages ensure someone is available to update your website when changes need to be done, and that it is kept alive and active on the web.


We can host your domain on our own servers at an attractive price.*

Our hosting services include 12 months' maintenance packages to keep your pages current and 'alive'.

We can transfer and rebuild domains hosted at other servers, plus give you comprehensive maintenance packages you probably don't yet enjoy.

We can also give you your own email addresses (any number) at your domain - accessible from your business computer, or web-based from anywhere in the world.

Our domain management includes unlimited download (no extra charges to pay for traffic), advice on how best to market and maximise your internet presence, and promotion (where appropriate) on our well placed regional websites.

Of course, we can also build websites for you to load onto your own servers.


When you contract with us to build or transfer your domain website, we can offer you the most attractive rates for hosting it on our own servers.

And of course, we maintain it for you.

We can provide a number of packages - at $390.00p.a. [includes GST] with:

  • multiple connection to the 'backbone' for reliability,
  • unlimited download (no Mb limit - reasonable use policy applies),
  • submission to search engines,
  • your own email addresses and POP3 boxes,
  • SSL encryption,
  • plenty of Mb to store your pages,
  • cgis,
  • formmail and webmail,
  • software extensions (e.g. calendars, shopping carts etc.)
  • personal access pages
  • regular updates
  • discounts for multiple domains
  • and more.......

* Our current rate for hosting domains is $32.50/month, paid yearly in advance. Our virtual servers have multiple broadband connections to the internet backbone and a better than 98% reliability. We like to design or modify websites so that they are fast downloading and easily navigable, thus ensuring your visitors get to see your message and don't go away before your pages download. Your domain hosting includes your own email addresses which you can access directly, independently of the address at the ISP to which you are connected. There is a one time fee of $55 to configure your virtual server and redelegate your domain address. Updates to contact details and minor rebuilds are free at any time: just email us. Complete rebuilds at attractively low rates. We also ensure your website is automatically picked up by 'robots' on our major regional websites. We can also give you access to your domain so you can add information yourself (Conditions apply).

For more information about domain registration and management, contact us - email domains@furrysoftware.com.au or phone (02) 4862 1428.

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Last updated 20/5/14